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Hi, I'm Yordan and that's what I do.
For fun and for a living.


Weapons charged and ready.


A small sample of my work.


Self-hosted advertising platform. AdHash makes transparency the default state of digital advertising. The AdHash Protocol cuts out the ad tech middlemen to bring efficiency, trust, and control.

I've joined the AdHash team in 2015 as a junior Graphic Designer. My first project was an ad campaign for Dominos Bulgaria. That project introduced me to Flash animations and later on to HTML rich-media ad formats. Few years later I am full-time Front-end developer in the same awesome team.

Honest Cosplay

The idea emerged right after one of the cosplay events in 2017. The motivation was to create an independent cosplay media that gives opportunities to less known artists in the field.

One of the main occupations is digital photography and photo manipulation. I was part of that process for quite some time but my initial task was to create a Brand Identity. After several iterations, the final identity was live and the cosplay photography madness began. I've met tons of awesome and talented people around this project. Thank you guys!

Inspire NGO

Inspire NGO, through it's various projects aims to develop and expand the social, cultural and economical environment in Bulgaria.

I play a minor role in their projects. Usually that's translated to logo design for various local or global (eg. Erasmus+) projects. Their logo was partially my work too. I do like their work and the level of professionalism in the team. Keep it up guys!

Ylith's astrology

Astrology blog.

The stars are fascinating. And that's one of the main reasons for my involvement in this project. It was challenging, yet so enjoyable to try and depict astrology signs and elements.


A bit of insight about me.

Who am I

I am Yordan. Around the web you will likely find me as the-IncideN7. How it came to be is a story for another time.

I can't help but be attracted to a good design, meaningful logo, stunning movie or a great game. I just love visual things.

And I've been lucky enough or worked hard enough to end up in design as a profession. The idea of creating something meaningful and usable out of a blank sheet of paper is equal to light magic to me.

Why ShadowOps? As internet users we rarely know by name the designer of a website we like or the lead developer of our favorite app. We operate in the background. In the shadows, hence the name.

Professional experience

Since 2013 I am actively working in design space. I started as a freelance contractor on various projects.

Mid 2015 I've joined the AdHash team. Or the company's predecessor to be precise. Online advertising was the main subject matter. We've used high-end Google ad tech like DoubleClick for both Advertisers and Publishers, Rich media ad formats, Re-targeting etc.

Our experience in advertising and dealing with the market inside-out was a wake up call for us. The ad tech industry is broken. So we decided to build our own platform and make advertising meaningful and enjoyable experience for the user (like ourselves) and profitable and transparent for the content creators.
You can read more on our website.

Spare time

I do love photo manipulations. I can spend hours upon hours in Photoshop. One of the most interesting and challenging areas for me is cosplay photography. Check my Instagram if you are interested.

I'll gladly spend some hours playing StarCraft II or one of the other hundred games I love.

For some odd reasons I enjoy reading and watching videos about astrophysics and psychology. You may call me a nerd.

I am a total music freak. I am always with headphones on. OK, not always but 85% of my awake hours.

And last but not least, I'm trying to make some time for sports and workout.


Let's talk.

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